Monday, August 29, 2011

Personal v Real Property

I had lunch with a professor from last semester that no longer teaches at my law school. I told him that I was having some issues with property. Not that it's that hard to understand two weeks in, but more that my Professor asks questions like, "Property is acquired by......." and is looking for a very specific answer. It's not like we're in the end of a case where the point is that property is acquired in certain ways. It's just an open ended question out of left field. So, I feel a little lost. I brought this up to my old professor, and he said - "well by now you understand that there are two types of property right? real and personal...certainly you've learned that by now". And well, no, we haven't. But tonight she brought it up when discussing replevin and theories of damages in property. Which is fine, she can teach in whatever way she wants to, but I guess I'm having a hard time seeing where this all fits in. We're working through all these acquisition theories, which is the way that it's traditionally taught, but it's incredibly confusing, thus far anyway. But, with his help, to put everything in the scope of real vs personal property, it's helping a little bit....I think. :)

So, that's that. Con Law is still taught by an amazing professor with a passion for the subject. He brought us all in our own little personal copies of the Constitution because he was so frustrated one night when his was misplaced. Love. It. He's great.

Torts and Civ Pro are both frustrating. I'm mostly frustrated with Civ Pro because my professor hasn't really taught us anything yet, other than rules of evidence. We're working on summary judgment supposedly, but we spend most of our time talking about his case and the applicable law, and his frustrations in his own case. Crazy, right? But I guess that that's an argument against adjuncts. I usually love them, but this semester I'm finding them frustrating.

So, that's my semester thus far. A little dreary, and not that fun. But I am looking forward to do projects for midterms instead of tests. I think that's going to be much, much better than essay's and mbe's. :)

Til next time. :)


  1. kudos on working full time and going to school part time. i too go to school part time, except i don't work full time. i have a blog too, please check it out.

  2. Thinking about law school and found your blog. LOVE IT! Read it all in one sitting and can't wait for your update.