Monday, September 20, 2010


One of the more challenging aspects of being a part time evening law school student is food. Weird, right? Well, yes and no. See the thing is, I get off work in the afternoon. And since I'm getting out early, I don't take a lunch. Of course, I have a bunch of cases to read and brief, so I scoot over to the school and do my work quickly. Right at about 5PM when I start going over the nights stuff with my group, I start getting hungry. Class starts at 6, and my study time before class is precious, so I end up grabbing a granola bar or something. By the time I'm done at 910, I'm famished.

Today, I have some leftovers that I'm stoked about. It's not much, but leftover lunch is yummy. I had the intent to cook all day Sunday, but ended up spending 10 hours with my study group.

So yes, briefing, reading, socratic method, scheduling, etc is hard, but sometimes its the little afterthoughts, like food, that really bring you down. That's the weird thing about law school.

Thank goodness I have food today! :)

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  1. Part time studying of any sort makes food a massive challenge but my I can't see how anything could be worse than studying for your law degrees, I can't remember the last time I had a decent meal that wasn't breakfast...