Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Law school is full of drama. And I hate that word. I really hate people who say, "I don't do drama", because you know that those are the exact people that perpetuate it more than everyone else, and that is their defense. But people in law school? It's like, "oh I need a study break! let's make other people feel uncomfortable!". It's freakin bizarre, and I really dislike it.

Really, really dislike it, especially now that it's affecting my own personal friendships with people that I really care about. But I guess that's how it is, right? You put 60+ people together every single day with tons of stress, and this is the kind of stuff that happens. I just...am a little disappointed and disheartened by today and the state of things. By this whole week, really.

I guess that's just how it goes. Oh, how I love midterms.

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