Thursday, February 10, 2011

Endlessly endless love.

Nine loves. Today is a perfect day for it. I'm selling Valentine's Day hearts for the SBA and am feeling a little mushy. So, without further ado. 

9. The horizon. I know, cheesy right? However, I remember sitting on the beach one day, looking out at the ocean, and wishing with everything that I was that I could find that spot, right where the ocean hits the sky, and just, be there. I've always associated the ocean and the sky with peace, and I've always wanted to take a boat into the middle of the ocean where there's no one and nothing, and I can't even fathom how utterly peaceful that would be. When I need a happy place in my head, this is where I go. 

8. The Train song "Marry Me". I absolutely love it. Who doesn't want that? Yes, it's cliche and it's overly romantic, but it is 4 days before Valentine's Day. And I'm still a romantic at heart. :)

"You wear white and I'll wear out the words I love you, and you're beautiful."

7.  How strong I can be when I need to be. I have this irrational fear of needles, and I've passed out before when someone's come near me with one. But recently I knew that I needed to suck it up and get an IV recently and not have it be a big deal. And that's exactly what I did, and I am so fucking proud of myself that it's not even funny.

6. My kitty, who is freaking awesome. Sometimes she's annoying and bugs me, but really, she's the best little kitty ever. Who could resist this? 

5. My crazy (in a good way) Momma. She's the best, and seems to know when I just need her. It's awesome to have a Mom that I can also say is my best friend. 

4. My Grandpa, best man in the world, hands down. 

3. The friends I've made since starting law school. They are an awesome, intelligent, caring group of people, and I'm lucky to surround myself with them. 

(I'm not going to post pictures of them - sorry!) 

2. Coffee and snuggles in bed on a cold morning. Especially when I'm allowed to use him to warm my cold feet on him. Now that's amore my friends, that's amore. :)

1. Hot chocolate (this could be because I'm craving some right now, but I do love hot chocolate). And apple cider! :) 

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